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9 Ways to Conserve Water at Home

Updated: Apr 26

There are plenty of reasons to reduce water waste in your home. In addition to helping you lower your utility costs, saving on water usage can help your community and the surrounding ecosystem. If you’re unsure where to start, you can use the following tips to help you conserve more water each month.

ways to conserve water

1. Fix Pipe and Faucet Leaks

One of the most important steps you can take in conserving water is to fix leaks right away. A leak that goes unrepaired for an extended period can cause pipe erosion. 

Additionally, you’ll be wasting a gallon or more of water through each leak on a daily basis. A plumber in Xenia, OH, can help you avoid water waste by properly fixing the causes of the leaks in your home.

2. Water Conservation Starts at the Faucet

When you wash dishes or prepare to take a bath, you might let the water run until it reaches the desired temperature. Think about how much water flows freely down your drain in that brief period. 

Rather than wasting that water, look for other uses for it in or around your home. You can use a bucket or a basin to catch that water and use it to water your plants, fill a pet’s water bowl, or mop your floors. 

3. Reduce the Time Your Toilet Runs

You should pay attention to how long your toilet runs after flushing. If it seems to run consistently or runs for an unusually long period of time, the rubber flapper may be torn or damaged. 

As a result, water will be continuously running as the unit tries to maintain the correct level. A local plumber can replace the flapper and adjust your toilet to ensure it runs more efficiently.

4. Stop Washing Small Loads in Your Household

One aspect of water conservation that people often overlook is the water used in a dishwasher or laundry washing machine. When you replace these appliances, ask a local plumber to hook them up. This approach will help ensure the hoses are fitted tightly to prevent unseen leaks. 

You should also avoid overusing these machines. Rather than doing two or three small loads each week, wait until you have enough dishes or laundry for full loads. 

Since you’ll use the same amount of water for each load, waiting until the machines are full will help you to significantly reduce your water usage. This scheduling may also help you lower your energy usage.

5. Insulate the Plumbing in Your Home

You should ask a local plumber to insulate your home’s water heater and pipes to help prevent freezing in the winter months. The insulation will help keep the water warmer for longer as well. It will take less time for the water temperature to rise as it flows from your faucets or showerhead. 

6. Know When to Water Your Lawn and Garden

Keeping the grounds of your Xenia, OH, property looking green and healthy does require watering them regularly. 

You’ll keep your lawn and gardens healthier while conserving more water when you run your sprinkler system in the evening or early in the morning. Watering your grounds when it’s cooler will prevent that moisture from evaporating before the roots can soak it up.

7. Replace Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal unit in your kitchen sink requires running water to help flush food scraps through the system. In addition to undermining your water conservation efforts, this can lead to more frequent plumbing problems. 

A better solution is to ask a plumber to replace the garbage disposal with a composting bin. You’ll reduce water waste, and you’ll end up with natural compost for your gardens.

8. Invest in a Water Filtration Device

Bottled water contributes to the global waste of water while adding to the amount of single-use plastic on the market. You can reduce both types of waste by asking your plumber to install water filtering units on your faucets. Your family will be able to drink cleaner and fresher tasting water without adding to water waste in your community.

9. Schedule an Annual Inspection

You’ll also reduce water waste by asking your Xenia, OH, plumber to inspect your plumbing system once per year. 

This inspection will help identify leaks sooner, and your plumber may recommend new devices or equipment that will help you conserve even more water. These recommendations may help you save 20% or more on your water consumption costs.

Looking to Save on Your Water Bill?

When you need repairs or new plumbing equipment in Xenia, OH, contact Dean’s Plumbing. Our technicians can help you find the best solutions to any plumbing problem you’re experiencing.


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